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How to choose the best food photography backdrop.

A backdrop is the background used behind your subject when photographing your desserts. The main prop you will own and use consistently. It helps set the scene and mood in your food photos. It's often overwhelming to select the proper backdrop because they come in various sizes and colors. To select the best food photography backdrop, you must consider your brand aesthetics and the size of the dessert you will photograph.


Your brand aesthetics is the visual look of your brand. The style and mood it portrays. Knowing your brand colors will help you select the best food photography backdrop for your business. Without this, your branding will be all over the place, your customers will be confused, and there will be no consistency in your business.

Take the time to figure out your branding colors, once you have that figured out it is easier to shop for your backdrop and will help with brand recognition, your customers will start to recognize your images based on the backdrop you use consistently.

Don't go overboard purchasing backdrops, I suggest starting with 2-3 backdrops. Choose a white backdrop or solid color for minimalistic styling, marble for luxury, or wood for a vintage rustic look. Remember to always keep in mind the style and mood you are portraying.


What is your dessert specialty? Are you specializing in cupcakes, cookies, double barrel cakes, or wedding cakes? All of these vary in height. Therefore, it is vital to know your specialty before you go spending your money. Don't pick the trending backdrop company without doing your research. Read the description and dimensions of the backdrop first. Some companies will have various sizes to choose from others will have set dimensions.

Most food photography backdrops are 24" X 24", which is ideal for smaller dessert items such as cookies, cupcakes, cakepops, 1-tiered cakes, or cakesicles. That also depends if you will be including a cake stand with your dessert. Essentially if you are purchasing a 24" X 24" backdrop your dessert cannot exceed 24". Multi-tiered cakes and wedding cakes that are taller than 24" will require bigger backdrops.

All and all, to select the best food photography backdrop for your business, remember to consider your brand aesthetics, style, and color of your brand. Know your dessert specialty and, most importantly, read the dimensions before you purchase the backdrop.

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