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How to choose the best food photography backdrop.


It is the difference between photographing your cake on the table or busy countertops and using an actual backdrop. A background is used behind your subject when photographing your dessert. It helps set the scene and mood in your photo—one of the main props you will own and use consistently.

Don't go overboard purchasing everything you see. Start with 1-2 backdrops. It allows you to stay consistent without overdoing it and staying on brand. To select the best food photography backdrop, consider your brand aesthetics and the size of the dessert you will photograph.


Your brand aesthetics is the visual look of your brand—the style and mood it portrays. Knowing your brand colors will help you select the best food photography backdrop for your business. Without this, your branding will be all over the place, your customers will be confused, and your brand will not be consistent.


That all depends on your specialty. Do you specialize in cupcakes, cookies, tall cakes, or wedding cakes? All of these desserts vary in height. Therefore, it is vital to know your specialty before you go spending your money. Don't just pick the trending backdrop company you see everyone using without researching.

Always read the description and dimensions of the backdrop. Some companies will have various sizes, and others will have set dimensions.

Most food photography backdrops are 24" X 24", ideal for smaller desserts such as cookies, cupcakes, cakepops, 1-tiered cakes, or cakesicles. Consider if you will include a cake stand with your dessert. The cake stand will add height.

If you purchase a 24" X 24" backdrop, your dessert cannot exceed 24".

Multi-tiered and wedding cakes taller than 24" will require taller backdrops.


Investing in a good-quality backdrop is ideal. If you can't invest right now, it's okay. Start with a budget-friendly option, practice, build your skills, and then invest. I started with a white foam board and slowly purchased and replaced it with better-quality backdrops.

Budget-friendly option: Inexpensive but does not last over time because they tear easily and get dirty. Starting at $1.00. Purchase at Dollar Tree, craft store, hardware store, Walmart, or Target.

The pink backdrop in this photo is wrapping paper I purchased at Dollar Tree. Because it's a budget-friendly option, it does not mean your image will look inexpensive. No one would know it cost me $1.00—it's still one of my favorite photos.

Inexpensive materials to use;

- wrapping paper - contact paper - poster board - foam board - wood scraps - vinyl - fabric - tiles - scrapbook paper

Affordable mid-range option: Starting at $19.95 Ink and Elm Backdrops - I have many of their backdrops. Made of resistant vinyl, it comes in various sizes, is durable, easy to store, and water resistant, which makes it easy to clean. Best of all, it is a fraction of the cost of other companies. They sell sizes ranging from 2' X 2' up to 10' X 6', ideal for taller desserts.

High-end option: Starting at $89.00 Replica surfaces. They offer standard sizes and limited designs on larger backdrops.

All and all, to select the best food photography backdrop for your business, remember to consider your brand aesthetics, style, and color of your brand. Know your dessert specialty and, most importantly, read the dimensions before you purchase the backdrop. Now, you can make a more educated decision when buying backdrops.

You don't need to spend much money to create a beautiful image. Think outside the box and look around your home for backdrop options. You will be surprised by what you find.

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